Pregnancy Center

Abella Women’s Center is a free pregnancy center in Quincy, Florida. Serving all of Gadsden County and the surrounding areas. We provide compassionate medical care for pregnancy and sexual health related services. If you think you may be pregnant or you are considering abortion, we’re here to help. Confidential services, offered at no cost to you.


Pregnancy Test

I Think I'm Pregnant

Think you’re pregnant? Learn about early pregnancy signs and when you should take a pregnancy test.
Abortion Information

I want an abortion

Are you considering abortion? Learn about abortion methods, costs and what to do next.

Unplanned Pregnancy Support for Men

Support for Men

Once she’s missed a period, everything can change fast. Learn how you can be supportive and what to do next.

Free Pregnancy Center Services

Pregnancy Center in Gadsden County

Our mission is to provide professional & honest services to those facing pregnancy decisions.

Abella Women’s Center provides free pregnancy service and information on abortion in Florida. Unplanned pregnancy comes with a rush of thoughts and feelings. No matter your situation, our caring team is here to help! We invite you to contact us to discuss your situation, ask questions, or to schedule an appointment. Same-day appointments and walk-ins when available.

We serve Gadsden County in Florida, including: Havana, Quincy, Midway, Chattahoochee, Gretna and Greensboro.

Think you’re pregnant? We offer free pregnancy testing and ultrasound* to confirm pregnancy. *Eligibility applies.

Pregnant and not sure what to do? Learn about your options and what to expect next. Get the information you need.

Our free classes help you lay a foundation for successful parenting. Get the support and resources you need.

Are you a guy facing an unplanned pregnancy? Learn how you can be supportive and what to do next.

STIs/STDs can be a serious concern. Left untreated, infections can cause damage to your reproductive system.

We offer after abortion support. Our mission is to provide an environment that promotes healing and restoration.

Know your options. Be educated.